Spring Craft: Watercolor Handprint Flowers

We are SO happy that spring is right around the corner! My kids have been amazed by all of the cherry blossoms and daffodils in bloom everywhere! They love the bright whites and pinks and yellows. They’ve really enjoyed being able to get up close and inspect them. Touch them, smell them. They are absolutely fascinated with things that grow. I love that the season is only just beginning, there’s so much more to look forward to!!

I wanted to come up with a craft that would combine their love for spring flowers with two of their other very favorite things – painting and having their hands traced!

Supplies Needed:

Colorful card stock for the flowers and background

White/off white/beige card stock for the hand cutouts





First I traced those sweet little hands of theirs on card stock and cut them out. Oh yes. Having their hands traced is the thing. They absolutely love it. I could do it over and over again, they’d never get tired of it.

Tip- instead of tracing one hand four times, trace once in the corner of your paper, fold over twice and cut. Four hands for the price of one.


Once that was done we got their stations all set up, put some Toddler Radio on Pandora, and got down to business!



I love watercolors because they’re just so whimsical and pretty. Painting with them is a focused and careful process. I feel like it teaches patience. When my kids paint with watercolors they slow down and pay attention to the detail of their work. They seem to experiment more with all of the different colors too.

Another bonus is that they aren’t as messy. The clean-up is super easy!





When they were all finished we decided to display their art and just sit back and enjoy it for awhile! They had a snack while I cut out the flower pieces!


And finally voila! Beautiful spring flowers!


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