Mini-Review: Swim Lessons by Mid-Valley Aquatics Swim School

My daughter is not a natural ‘water baby’ which has made learning how to swim a little challenging.  BUT, I think we have found a good fit with Mid-Valley Aquatics Swim School.  We’ve only been for a few lessons, but I’m already noticing some positive differences from our previous venue.

  1. The lessons are shorter (35 mins vs 60 mins): This is helping big-time with my kiddo’s attention span and concentration.
  2. The instructors are super friendly and encouraging, but they are also on task.  Lesson time is for skills development, not playing.  I appreciate that the instructors are nice but also firm, if needed, to keep the kids focused.
  3. Even in the most basic level (101), the instructors are gently correcting form and practicing arm stroke movements.  I didn’t see this in our previous lesson venue which seemed more play-based.
  4. I also really liked that at the end of the lesson that the groups rotated.  The lowest level moved to the next level’s area of the pool and practiced a skill there.   I think this will help my daughter with her comfort level and move her faster through the levels.
  5. The process to sign up online and check-in the day of lessons was very clear.  There is a bleacher area for parents to watch the lessons while staying dry.  The pool is gated off so younger siblings can safely play nearby.

Overall, I’m really impressed so far with the quality of instruction-these folks are professionals!  I think this type of lesson will help my daughter progress quickly and develop as a swimmer.  The only negatives are minor and related the facility.  Lessons are held at the Olinger Aquatic Fitness Center.  This is a large and professional pool used by area swim teams.  The pool area and water seemed to be a few degrees too cold.  My daughter and several other kids were shivering while they waited their turns.  The locker room and showers are very clean, but outdated with zero privacy.  I saw on their Facebook page that there is a capital campaign underway so maybe improvements will happen.  Not a deal breaker, just would be nice.

I’ll keep you posted as our lessons progress!

Cost: $37 for 7 class session.  (If you qualify for Oregon Health Plan, Free or Reduced Lunch or SNAP then check into their $7 lesson series.  7 lessons for $7!).  Bonus: Parents can lap swim or take toddlers swimming for free while older kids are in lessons.

Mid-Valley Aquatics Swim School page:

Where do you take your kids for swim lessons?

Have a favorite instructor?

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