St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Glittery Leprechauns!

By Emy Sloan


We’re hoping to bring a little luck of the Irish into our home this season with these festive little guys in green!

This craft is all about gluing!! Glue, glue, glue. What could be better? It takes a little prep work, but not very much. It also takes some supervision. Especially if your kids are like mine and would just as soon pour the entire bottle of glue out in one place if you’d let them! We used small tubes of clear Scotch brand glue to try to keep the squeezing under control,  but I think that the old school Elmer’s would have worked a little better!

Anyway, it’s super fun and definitely worth it!

Supplies needed:

Colorful card stock 


Googly eyes


A baking pan (optional!) 

So here we go-

First round up some googly eyes and cut out all of your pieces. (They’re easy to freehand.) You shouldn’t need more than 3 sheets of paper (or one sheet of green and whatever scraps you have for the boots, gloves and face.)

Tip- keep all pieces together in a baking pan, this will keep them from getting lost. It will also make clean up SO much easier.

Here’s a leprechaun kit visual:



Next draw a smile on the face, buttons on the shirt and a hatband on the hat.

Now it’s up to you. You could go slowly and glue and glitter each piece one at a time, or do what we did- smear the glue on all the pieces first and then move on to the glitter.



The kids chose their own background color- they both wanted sky blue. I helped them with the glue again, and then they pieced their little craft together like a puzzle. They thought that part of it was pretty awesome!


And finally, boom. Glittery leprechauns!

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