Parks and Playgrounds: The Big Toy at Keizer Rapids Park

Keizer Rapids Park is a pretty impressive place to visit.

It’s tucked way back at the end of Keizer, alongside the Willamette River. About 10-15 minutes outside of Salem.

Before we had children we would take our dog to the huge fenced in dog area there. (There are actually two- one for bigger dogs, one for smaller dogs.) Sadly, we don’t get out there much with him anymore, but that’ll change once the kids get a little bigger!

In addition to the off-leash dog areas, the park features an amphitheater, boat ramp and docking area, beautiful nature trails and a volleyball and disc golf area.

In June 2015 the city of Keizer totally raised the bar with the construction of their giant Big Toy playground!

The Big Toy at Keizer Rapids Park was community built. Made possible by donations and lots of volunteer work. It is outstanding. One of the coolest playgrounds we’ve been to. It’s great for all ages, there’s a little something for everybody!

There are plenty of slides, tunnels, bridges, bars and climbing walls.

There are swings galore and all kinds of stuff to climb, jump and spin around on!



And if you start feeling a little warm and need to cool off, there’s even a big firetruck structure with several buttons that can be pushed to spray mist into the air! Ahh



There is an enclosed area called the Tot Lot that is designed specifically for younger kids (ages 2-5.) It features a little wood cabin, bridges, a slide, horses to rock on and baby swings among other things.



But BEST of all…


….a sandbox to dig for dinosaur bones!!!

This is one of the greatest places on Earth.



For more information


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