Easter Craft: Colorful Tissue Paper Eggs!

My kids love paintbrushes. I mean LOVE them. They freak out every time I take them out. They’ve also been very excited about Easter coming up this year. I figured this would be a fun way to combine the two.

When they saw me pouring liquid starch into bowls in preparation for this craft their eyes got huge. Then they saw the paintbrushes and could hardly contain themselves, they were SO excited! My daughter starting running in circles around the living room chanting “It’s game time! It’s game time!”

Tissue art is new to them. We’ve never worked with liquid starch before either.

This cute little Easter craft is made by brushing the starch onto construction paper, sticking on colorful pieces of tissue paper and brushing more starch over the top. Amazing fun for a couple of two year olds!



Tissue paper

Liquid starch

Construction paper


Paint brush

A baking pan (optional!)


Start by cutting construction paper into egg shapes! Then snip some colorful tissue paper into small pieces.


I am a HUGE fan of using baking pans to help keep all of our art projects contained. Seriously, it makes clean up so much easier! With twins I try to do everything I can to make life just a little bit more simple!



My kids got right to work painting their eggs and carefully decorating them with the little bits of tissue. They were so focused!



We attempted a second egg but by then they had lost interest in the craft and just wanted to scrub the eggs clean with the liquid starch and mix all of the remaining tissue into the bowls.

It was an unexpected good time!

They scrubbed and stirred for the longest time singing “Mix, mix mix! Mix, mix, mix!”

So adorable.






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