Cooking With Kids: Crock Pot Chicken and Stuffing

By Emy Sloan


Crock pot cooking is simple and easy. It’s the perfect way to integrate those little helpers of yours into the kitchen. It’s SO nice to be able to throw a few ingredients together earlier on in the day and not have to worry about dinner at all! Ahhh, I love the crock pot!

My kids are all about helping me cook. They love dumping and stirring! This recipe takes minimal preparation, is fun to put together and have I mentioned that it’s delicious?? We make a similar baked version sometimes, but it usually turns out pretty dry. It’s much better in the crock pot. Everything stays so moist! My whole family loves this dish!

So without further ado-

Cooking with kids: Crock Pot Stuffing and Chicken!

You will need chicken breasts, a box of Stove Top stuffing, sour cream, cream of chicken, a can of corn, a can of whole cranberry sauce and some water!

Place the (defrosted) chicken breasts in the crock pot. Throw away everything that might have chicken juices on it and wash your hands! Open the cans (drain the corn) and set out a bowl and some large mixing spoons!

Have the kids wash their hands!

Open the dry stuffing mix and let them dump directly onto the chicken


Scoop the cream of chicken and sour cream into a mixing bowl and let them mix!


Help them scoop the mix over the stuffing



Let them dump the can of corn, can of cranberries and cup of water in and give them bigger spoons to let them mix it all up!




Cook on high for about 5 hours or low for about 8.

And then….



Crockpot Chicken and Stove Top Stuffing

(2-3) Large chicken breasts

(1) Box of Stove Top stuffing mix

(1) Can cream of chicken

3/4 Cup sour cream 

(1) Can whole cranberry sauce

(1) Can corn (or frozen package)

1 Cup of water

Cook on high 4-5 hours or low 7-8 hours

(This feeds our family of four- 2 adults and 2 two years olds that don’t eat very much! If you’re cooking for a hungrier crowd throw in some extra chicken breasts and double the amount of Stove Top, cream of chicken and sour cream!)



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