The Discovery Room at the Salem Public Library: Kid’s Grocery Store

Now through May 27th ‘Kid’s Grocery Store’ is the theme in the Discovery Room at the Salem Public Library!

The Library is one of Salem’s greatest resources. Besides the obvious (access to thousands of books for children and adults alike) the library is host to several free community events and activities. The children’s area is upstairs and is big and beautiful and inviting. There’s clearly been a lot of loving thought put into the layout and maintenance of this section.

I have a strong personal connection to the library since my mom worked there for 16 years. I have so many great memories of going to work with her during the summer when school was out and spending those 8 hours wandering the building and getting lost in so many wonderful books.  We would spend her lunch break together in the cafe downstairs and split Italian sodas, I would always get to choose the flavor!

It makes me so happy to watch my kids play and explore in the same building that I did growing up!

The Discovery Room is part of the upstairs children’s area and it is amazing. The theme changes about every three months. It is always a very hands-on and educational experience.

We met up with friends this time around to check out the Kid’s Grocery Store!


The kids all had so much fun shopping the many tables and shelves full of groceries and home goods.

They pushed around food carts, weighed their produce, filled up their baskets, prepared food in the kitchen, sat and ate at the cafe and operated the cash registers and debit machines. I was quite the day’s work!





They had a such a great time. If you have small children, the Discovery Room is a must!


Hours are based on volunteer availability. During the school year Thursday and Friday mornings are reserved for class visits.

To find out how you can volunteer and to check the status call the Youth Services Desk at (503) 588-6088


For more information about the Salem Public Library


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