Watercolor Craft: Hidden Picture Paintings

My kids have been fighting a little bug the past couple of days. When they aren’t feeling good they are so crabby, so sensitive to every little thing. Yesterday we spent a nice relaxing day at home with some paints and hidden surprises. A simple, calm activity. We all needed the down time.Watercoloring is always a good way to deescalate and mellow out those busy little bodies…and revealing hidden pictures while watercoloring is just fun!

It’s very easy to set up!


White/light colored paper

White crayons

Watercolor paints

Paint brush

Baking pan (optional)

I drew a few pictures on their paper with white crayon, put everything in baking pans for easy clean up, and let them get to work. Next time I’m going to let them draw on the papers themselves, maybe experiment with different crayon colors too.


They were very relaxed and focused, as they usually are when they’re painting.


It held their interest for a long time. Turtles, fish, hearts, clouds and butterflies were appearing like magic! I really like how they turned out. The kids were so proud of themselves! They couldn’t wait to show dad when he got home from work.


Simple and sweet. Hidden watercolor paintings ❤IMG_3639


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