Parks and Playgrounds: Nelson Park



Nelson Park in South Salem has a great little playground. Tucked back on a hillside off of Croisan Creek Road, it feels like you’re hidden away from the rest of the world. It never usually gets too crowded. With grassy hills to roll down, brightly colored play equipment and a spectacular view, it really is just a nice place to be.




In 2009 the Croisan-Illahee neighborhood’s ‘Friends of Nelson Park’ began a fund-raising campaign to replace the old playground structures with beautiful new play equipment.



There are slides, monkey bars, a variety of swings (including baby swings,) a toddler play structure, nets, bars, beams and even an old school merry-go-round!



You’ll get great exercise walking or riding your bike along the paths. If your kids enjoy rolling down hills, there’s no better place than Nelson Park! There’s a covered picnic area, (which could be useful since the playground is in direct sun.) There are drinking fountains, but no bathrooms on site.



There’s even a great tennis court and small basketball court.



One of the more fun and unique features of this place is what we call the “magical troll bridge” that you have to cross from the sidewalk to enter the park!



We always have a blast here!



2090 Heath Dr SE, Salem, OR 97302. (Off of Croisan Creek Rd S)


For more information visit:

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