Day Trip: Sandcastle Playground at Regatta Park- Lincoln City

If you and your family happen to be in Lincoln City and want to break up the monotony of beautiful sandy ocean shore exploration, check out the amazing playground at Regatta Park!

Located on Devil’s Lake off of West Devil’s Lake Road, Regatta Park is really something to behold. There’s a little something for everyone.

When you pull into the park you are greeted by “Sparky the Wish Guardian”  a 13 ft tall dragon sculpture that watches over the playground and docks below. The view of Devil’s Lake is breathtaking!

The Sandcastle Playground is a truly unique experience. It’s a fortress maze of stairways, tunnels, slides, bouncy things, tires and sandboxes! There are lots of swings, secret passageways and interesting structures to discover and enjoy!

This is an enclosed playground. Everything sits pretty low, there aren’t a lot of steep edges to fall off of. It’s a relatively safe place for children of all ages to run around and play on their own. It’s easy for parents to watch over and keep track of their kids without having to follow them over every bridge and through every tunnel!


There are bathrooms on site, picnic and BBQ areas, nature trails and spots to fish and swim.


My kids had a great time burning up some energy here before hitting the beaches!

More information and directions:

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