Sponsored Post: Salem’s Just Between Friends (JBF) Consignment Sale


The Just Between Friends consignment sale in Salem, OR is a great place to find AMAZING deals on very gently used children’s apparel and supplies. 

I am so happy to be doing a post on this particular sale because it is one of my personal favorites. I walked into a JBF sale, completely on a whim, when my children were around 6 months old. I could not believe the deals that I left with. I never miss this sale. Honestly a good 80% of what my kids wear and about half of their toys have come from consignment sales like this. I have saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars shopping these sales for the past two years!

I attended the presale yesterday to see what I could find….


There were so many toys. Tables and tables of infant toys, building blocks, cars & trucks, dolls, stuffed animals, dollhouses, music makers, race tracks, trains, tool benches, My Little Pony, Fisher Price, Duplos, Disney, boats, barns, dinosaurs, etc.

There were play kitchens, basketball hoops, easels, tunnels & tents, water tables and slides. Books, puzzles and games, I could go on and on!



There were great deals on all types of baby supplies- potty seats, cloth diapers, Boppy pillows, nursing supplies, rockers and swings, high chairs, strollers, car seats… just about anything child related that you could imagine! All for seemingly reasonable prices, well below retail.



And then, of course, the clothing and shoe racks…



I was able to find a lot of great deals!


Shirts and dresses starting at $1.00-$2.00!



$2.00 and $3.00 vests! Sleeveless shirts from $1.50-$3.00! Jeans starting at $3.00!

Do you see the price tag on that pair of little boy sandals? $3.00!


Not a bad start!



Not only do these sales provide an excellent opportunity to save money, you can also make money! Anyone can consign. You can download and create your own tags, name your own prices and make 65%-70% back on your sales!

You can also make money by referring your friends to consign. I am a registered consignor…so just in case you happen to connect and start consigning with JBF because of this post please feel free to use my name as your referral in the comment section when you sign up! Emy Sloan with Cherry City Busy Kids. Thanks so much!

And I just want to say that I’m sorry if you have your eye on that sweet alligator teeter-totter in the picture below. It’s no longer on the market…I had to take that one home with me!


If you’ve never been to a JBF consignment sale I highly recommend that you check it out!

The 2016  JBF Spring Event sale will be open to the public Friday, May 6th through Sunday, May 8th.

For future reference there are early shopping options for consignors. You need only qualify as a teacher, first time parent or foster parent to attend the pre-sale for free!


Thank you Just Between Friends Salem for sponsoring this post!


Here are some handy links:

JBF Salem homepage:


Sign up to be a consignor:


Follow JBF Salem on Facebook:



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