Sensory Play: Foam Blocks and Shaving Cream

By Emy Sloan

Foam blocks and shaving cream make for a wonderful indoor sensory activity that is a ton of fun. Perfect for a rainy day! It’s quick and easy to set up and the clean up is a breeze… I just dump everything (and sometimes that includes the kids) right into the bathtub afterwards!

About a month ago I picked up a bag of foam blocks at a consignment sale for dirt cheap. My kids play with them ALL of the time. They build endless towers and castles. My son is all about making foam hammers with them and pounding the little pieces into the bigger ones. Best of all the blocks are safe. If they’re thrown they don’t end up hurting anyone or causing any damage, and it’s not excruciatingly painful if you if you step on them!

We’re always coming up with new ways to use them. Just the other day the kids were piling them up at the end of the couch and jumping into them! Today we put them in a sensory tub and used shaving cream to stick and stack them together.


A sensory tub (we use a flat plastic Sterilite storage container)

Foam blocks

Shaving cream  

Little bowls

Plastic knives

Sheet for underneath (optional)

I put the sheet down on the floor, filled the little bowls with shaving cream and gave both of the kids a plastic knife to spread the cream onto the blocks.

They were very focused and careful…for about 15 minutes 🙂

Then things got MESSY! I gave up on the little bowls and ended up spraying shaving cream all over everything and letting the kids just dive in!

They had a great time pushing and squishing and smearing it everywhere! I had to join in the fun too!

When we were finally finished we dumped everything into the bathtub. The kids really wanted to get in too! After everything was rinsed they jumped in the water and had a great time bobbing around with their freshly cleaned blocks. (Yet another fun way to use them!)

Hooray for shaving cream!!

What are your favorite ways to play with shaving cream?

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