May Flowers: The Display Garden at Schreiner’s Iris Gardens

By Emy Sloan

The flowers at Schreiner’s Iris Gardens are in full bloom this time of year! They are absolutely stunning. Just breathtaking. With over 500 named variety of Iris and so many gorgeous companion plants, a stroll through the 10 acre display garden really is a magical experience. I highly recommend experiencing this for yourself! But hurry- bloom season doesn’t last long!

The display garden is beautifully maintained and so easy to navigate. The beds are mostly in full sun. There are plenty of benches throughout the grounds to rest on if you’re in need of a little break, many of them in shade along the edges of the garden. There are food stands if you get hungry. There’s also a garden shop, in case you need to take some of the loveliness home with you!



I wasn’t sure how the kids would do since there isn’t a play area on the the grounds. We had my sister and her daughter with us (that’s 2 two year olds and a one year old- which is always a gamble!) but we wanted to try it out anyway.

Well. The kids loved it.

Absolutely loved it!

They immediately set off running and laughing, playing and holding hands. It had a very ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel to it. My kids kept going up to different flowers saying “This is my favorite! No THIS is my favorite, momma!” It was an awesome day. Honestly I was really surprised by how happy and well behaved they all were. I think that they were just so glad to be right in the middle of so much color and beauty.




I loved it here, all of us together. Such precious moments.

Now I’m feeling a lot of pressure to start planting a beautiful flower garden in our backyard…uh oh

Can we just have this one 🙂



The 2016 bloom season goes from May 6th through May 31st. The gardens are open from dawn ’til dusk, rain or shine. And best of all, it’s free to visit.




For more information on Schreiner’s Iris Gardens and to order some of these amazing flowers please visit their website:


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