Beat the Heat: Honey Lemon Blueberry Slushies

By Emy Sloan

We’ve had some HOT days recently here in Salem. I hope that everyone’s staying cool and hydrated! The kids and I have been chilling inside for the most part, enjoying the air conditioning.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.

We’ve managed to get out a couple times for some backyard water play. We have a sprinkler and little plastic pool, but not very much shade, so when we do get out it doesn’t last for long! That’s just me, I’m not used to this 90+ degree weather yet. My kids would probably stay out all day if I let them- splashing, running, screaming, playing- wild messy blurs of crazy hair, diapers and sunscreen. It seems like the only way I can lure them inside without a fight is to bribe them with something cold and delicious. Usually a popsicle. Preferably homemade, but a lot of times they’re store bought (we really like the Outshine brand fruit bars!) Sometimes I try to do something a little more creative…and a lot heathier.

They love ALL types of popsicles, smoothies and slushies. All things frozen. I could slip anything in them (and usually do) and they would still eat it- beets, spinach, zucchinis. Every kind of fruit. These particular slushies are veggie free- but they pack a powerful punch of vitamin C and are VERY hydrating…not to mention tasty!


Honey Lemon Blueberry Slushies:

1 large lemon

1-2 cups  frozen or fresh blueberries

1-2 tablespoons of honey

One tray of ice

1 cup of water



Pound and roll the lemon on the counter- get it all juicy before halving it and scraping everything out into a separate cup- pulp, juice, seeds. Discard the seeds, put all ingredients into the blender and blend!

There you have it!

A healthy (and delicious) icy treat!


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