The Discovery Room at the Salem Public Library: 3-2-1 Action! (Summer 2016)

By Emy Sloan

The Discovery Room at the Salem Public Library has changed once again. The theme that will be running throughout the summer this year is 3-2-1 Action! It is all about bodies and movement.

Your little one will have the chance to ride an exercise bike, brush up on their yoga skills, compare their jump distances with animals, practice paddling in an inflatable rowboat, play a game of hopscotch and so much more!

We went at around 10:30 on a Tuesday and had the place practically to ourselves- which isn’t usually the case. The kids had a great time checking everything out!



As well as moving and shaking, your kids will be able to learn a little bit about HOW their bodies work. There are charts, puzzles, displays and other activities focused on the muscular/skeletal system. It’s a fabulous learning experience!



There’s also a baby gym!




Your little visitors are encouraged to learn more about movement and action by checking out various books and exploring the rest of the library. Look for a special shelf outside of the Discovery Room that is designed for books and materials that fit the ongoing theme!


Hours are based on volunteer availability. During the school year Thursday and Friday mornings are reserved for class visits.

To find out how you can volunteer and to check the status call the Youth Services Desk at (503) 588-6088

For more information about the Salem Public Library

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