Parks & Playgrounds: Orchard Heights Park

By Emy Sloan

Orchard Heights Park is a great place for the whole family. Located off of Orchard Heights Rd in West Salem, there’s a little something for everyone.

There are very well maintained tennis courts and baseball fields, a great nature trail and of course, a playground!

One of the best things about this park is how dog friendly it is.¬†We love going anywhere that we can let our dog off of the leash for a little while! There’s a large off leash area as well as a smaller fully-enclosed dog run area. Though we didn’t take him this time, we’ll definitely bring him with us next time around.

This time our mission was to meet with friends and take a nature walk. Very important business!

We started with a little playground time. It’s a small playground, but it’s got the right stuff. Slides, swings (including baby swings), a jumpy bridge, a smaller structure for little kids and plenty of bars to swing around on.



Next we started off on our nature walk- across the bridge and alongside the beautiful creek. The kids kept saying that they were “walking through a forest!” The path is wide and easy to walk along, a large portion of it is shaded.

The trail eventually opens up into a large field- the off leash dog area. It takes you along the perimeter, past an amazing old oak tree, and back into the shaded area.



At the end of our walk through ‘the forest’ we came across a concrete type of bridge that we needed to cross to get back into the baseball field area of the park. That was a fun one.

The kids enjoyed leaning over and touching the water, taking a little break here while enjoying the nature all around them.



There are drinking fountains, picnic tables, a BBQ grill and port-a-potty style bathrooms on site.

Orchard Heights Park a great place to spend an afternoon!





1165 Orchard Heights Rd NW


For more information:


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