Fairs and Festivals: The Summer Kite Festival in Lincoln City

By Emy Sloan

The spectacular sky display at the annual Summer Kite Festival in Lincoln City is truly something to be admired. Every year people gather from far and wide to take part in the festivities. The biggest draw (besides this being a free event that the whole family can enjoy) are the huge colorful show kites that fill the air at the D-River Wayside. Big, bright and beautiful, they are absolutely captivating!

After about an hour and a half drive, we arrived in Lincoln City at around 11:00 am on Saturday- the first day of the 2 day festival. Parking was really hard to find. We actually ended up paying to park in a restaurant lot across the street, which was okay because we were happy to be within close walking distance.

With kids on our shoulders, and their grandparents not far behind, we headed down the sidewalk and into the park. The weather was absolutely perfect. It felt like it was somewhere between 65-70 degrees, the sky was clear and the wind was BLOWING! An absolutely perfect day to fly some kites!


We walked up to edge of the festival. The music was loud, the air smelled of delicious food cooking on the BBQ and the energy was amazing. The kids were in complete awe.

We watched a few of the performances by the featured fliers and then took a walk through the sand towards the ocean. We were able to take our time and get a good look at all of the kites that were on display!



On the other side of the kite area we splashed around in the D River and then took a little walk along the shoreline. The ocean was super calm and the water in the river was actually kind of warm!

(A little bit of trivia: The D River is said to be the shortest river in the world. It flows only 120 feet from Devil’s Lake into the ocean.)


Besides the big show kites and expert performances, this festival features many other fun activities! There’s a free kite making workshop for kids, beach safety demonstrations, contests, raffles and prizes, a running of the BOLs and a ‘kids & kites’ parade on the beach!



What a great way to ring in the summer!


A few things you might consider bringing with you:

-Extra clothes

-A blanket to sit on

-Sand toys



-Water bottles and snacks


For more information about the Summer Kite Festival:



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