Summer Craft: Fishy Windsock Kites

By Emy Sloan

We were so inspired by all of the beautiful kites at Lincoln City’s Summer Kite Festival this year (read all about it in the link below) that we had to make a few of our own at home!

My kids were SUPER excited about the idea of making their own kites. They could hardly wait for me to gather up all of the supplies that we needed! Since we were using card stock I figured that a tubed windsock would have a much better chance of holding up than the obvious one-dimensional diamond shaped kite. And what’s more classic than a fish design on a windsock?

So without further ado…

Fishy Windsock Kites!



Card Stock



Tissue Paper (cut into strips- crepe paper would work too!)

Sturdy Tape or Stapler

Hole Punch

Twine or Yarn

Googly Eyes

Glitter (optional) 



I drew squiggly fish gills down the length of the card stock and let them have at it. At first they were coloring with markers. We decided to use glitter as an after thought (which was MUCH more fun!)

When everything was dry I flipped their masterpieces over, lined the bottom of the card stock with glue and helped them place the pieces of cut tissue paper along the edge very carefully. One-by-one.



After waiting for the glue to dry we flipped our windsocks back over and glued on the googly eyes… a very (if not the most) integral part of making a fishy windsock!



After waiting for the googly eyes to dry in place I rolled and taped the kites into their tube shape. It would have worked to staple them together too!

Next came the hole punches and the twine! Our windsocks were complete!!




Just as soon as they were done my kids wanted to go outside and ‘fly’ them. (I honestly have no idea how both kites survived being torn around the yard by a couple of crazed two year olds!)

Afterwards we hung them from one of our trees out front and have been enjoying watching them float and twirl around in the breeze.

Not a bad little craft idea!


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