U-­Pick Berries: Haven Hill Farm in Salem

Guest Post by Angie Fuhrman

Summer is such a magical time of year, especially in the Willamette Valley. We are so lucky to live within miles of multiple amazing farms offering fresh and delicious u-pick (or already picked) berries! I’ve been taking my kids berry picking since my oldest was little and have tried out many different farms. I always tend to seek out the small family farms- those that aren’t as well known. This year it was Haven Hill Farm that caught our attention.

One of the main goals at Haven Hill Farm is to teach kids where “real” food comes from. They are encouraged to eat as many berries as they would like as they’re out there picking.

Some of our kids took that a little more to heart than others!


As you pull up to the farm you will see a gravel parking lot at the base of the picking fields. Park and head on over to the covered weigh station to write down and weigh your picking containers.

Forgot to bring containers? No Problem. There is a bucket full of containers that people have recycled that are free to use. There is also the option to purchase berry crates for a small fee- if you want something a little nicer.

After you have taken note of your empty container weight, feel free to grab a pair of gloves if you want to avoid the spiky bushes. Or just get right in there like we did!

My kids were excited to get to taste and pick so many new berries this year. There’s such a great variety at Haven Hill. Blueberries, boysenberries, loganberries, Marionberries and red raspberries.

The berry bushes are planted on hills so if you’re bringing little ones (like we did) consider putting them in a front or backpack. It might make navigating the hills a little easier than a stroller, which was what we had with us. Another idea would be to bring some type of portable pack ‘n play crib to set up in the shade! Toys, snacks and water bottles are a must!



As we were picking we were greeted by the owner. He talked to us for a while and let us know that they don’t spray their bushes with chemicals or pesticides after they start to flower- so all of the fruit is safe to eat right away. No reason to wash all the flavor down the sink if you don’t want to.

We were also introduced to the very fluffy, very friendly farm dog that was roaming around while we were in in the fields. Fun fact: Haven Hill uses clumps of the dog’s fur at the base of each row of fruit. Apparently it keeps the deer from eating all of the berries!


All berries are currently $1.35 per pound. They accept cash or check at the self-serve weighing & honor-pay station.

We found this berry farm to be unique due to the variety of berries- but there were also a few fun extras! There are 5 disk golf baskets on the property that are free to use (bring your own or use a few they have on hand!) There’s also a zip line! It was built for the grandkids, but they allow visitors to try it out at their own risk!

Haven Hill Farms is Located just off of Liberty Road S. 555 Misty Hill Ln SE, Salem, 97306. They are open 7 days a week all daylight hours until fruit is gone.

Happy Picking!


Angie Fuhrman is a Salem native and mom to four amazing children! As well as raising her kids and holding down a part time job, she is a baker extraordinaire and co-founder and owner of her own business- Sparrow + Piper (an adorable custom homemade soft toy and doll shop!) Check it out on Facebook: 


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