First Haircut: Little Angels Kid Salon

By Emy Sloan

At Little Angels Kid Salon it’s ALL about the kids. The colors are bright, the playroom is fantastic and best of all the custom stylist “chairs” are hot rods, ATVs and rocking horses! What could be more fun than that? Our personal experience there was amazing. I’m so glad we chose to try it out for our son’s first haircut!

I booked online with Jen, who is also the owner and head stylist. The process was painless, their website is super easy to navigate. I chose a date and time- entered my card number to solidify the appointment (which they don’t actually run until the day of ) and we were all good to go. The count down had begun.

I was nervous. Very nervous. It was hard for me to let go.

I had waited almost 3 years before I was was able to come to terms with losing those beautiful curly baby locks! In the meantime my son was taking on the look of a mad scientist- his hair was getting wilder and more unmanageable by the day! It was time. If not for me, I had to do it for him.

Luckily one of the main objectives at Little Angels is to soothe anxieties.(Not only for the kids, but the parents as well!) That was apparent just walking through the door. The whole place just felt so warm and inviting.

Jen greeted us at the front desk. She was incredibly friendly. She took her time getting to know the kids a little bit and talking with us. Though I’m sure she’s had the “first haircut” talk a million times, she was so sweet and understanding. Genuinely caring. She told us that she would save plenty of his curls, and it was clear that she wanted to make sure she got the style and cut just right. (Spoiler: She absolutely did!)

Our kids were immediately drawn to the specialty chairs and wanted to check out the attached playroom. Since we were the only ones there my daughter had free reign to test everything out while my son got to chose which chair to sit in!

He chose the super sweet sand dune ready ATV of course.


We tried to prep him for this experience beforehand. We had been practicing with scissors a little bit and caught this great Handy Manny episode that was all about visiting the barber shop. He was excited, but obviously a little nervous.

He was happy to climb up into the chair, but once he was up there he got very quiet and suspicious of his surroundings.

Jen was so good with him, smiled and talked to him, she made sure that he was comfortable before she began.

Little Angels offers so many great distractions to help kids feel more at ease. There is a TV at every station with a variety of movies to pick from…as well as plenty of toys! He decided on a Chipmunks movie. Cameras and cell phones were out- and we were ready for it to begin!

The first cut.

Tears welled up in my eyes immediately.

But the transformation was amazing. It was incredible to watch my little baby boy turn into a child right before my eyes. That feeling of sadness was quickly overturned by the excitement of seeing how grown up and handsome he was looking.

It was easy to tell that this new look matched the independent and amazing little guy that he was becoming inside.

Have I mentioned that Little Angels gives you a First Haircut Certificate complete with a window that displays some of the baby curls? What an amazing keepsake.

In the end my little guy felt as good as he looked! He was on top of the world! It must have been such a nice feeling to have all of that hair out of his face finally, and he loved all of the extra attention. (Being a twin- he doesn’t always get as much one-on-one time.) He was laughing and smiling so much, and after visiting the grandparents to debut his new look, he spent the rest of his time at home dancing and singing! It was a great day.

coleys cut

Thank you Jen and Little Angels Kid Salon for providing such a unique experience for us! Who knew that haircuts could actually be fun?

Little Angels provides many great services besides cutting hair. From mommy and me mani/pedis to ballet buns and cornrows, this salon does it all! They also have a great party room that you can rent out for birthdays and other special occasions!

I highly recommend this place, we’ll definitely be back!


1724 Center St NE, Salem 97301


Have you been to Little Angels Kid Salon? We’d love to hear about your experience!

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