Day Trip: The Enchanted Forest Theme Park

By Emy Sloan

The Enchanted Forest.

This wonderfully unusual theme park is a place where fairy tales, nursery rhymes and all things magical come to life. 

Located right off of I-5 in Turner (just south of Salem) this park has been in operation for nearly 45 years and is still going strong. From the upkeep of Roger Tofte’s old storybook sculptures and animatronics to the constant addition of new rides and attractions, it’s easily one of Oregon’s most unique and entertaining family hot-spots.

If you’ve never been here before, you really should check it out!

Sweet, nostalgic and sometimes a little spooky- the Enchanted Forest is pure enjoyment for the whole family!


The adventure begins by passing through Sleeping Beauty’s castle to get to Storybook Lane.

This beautiful, but somewhat steep, nature trail is home to many classic storybook characters. (Humpty Dumpty, Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.) There are some pretty unique fairy tale situations and challenges along the way- including an underground rabbit hole, the Mad Hatter’s maze, a crooked house, the Seven Dwarf’s jewel mine and SO much more!

This section of the park is pretty incredible- I mean where else can you run straight into a giant witch’s head (through her open mouth) and then escape by sliding down her hair?



The hike through Storybook Lane eventually leads into the old western town of Tofteville.

The main street through Tofteville is open and welcoming. There are plenty of local businesses and townspeople to peek in on and lots of other fun stuff going on here. Navigate underground tunnels, pan for treasure, race remote control boats, try your hand at the shooting gallery, bounce around in the saloon and so much more!

There’s a documentary about the history of the Enchanted Forest that plays continually in the Wagon Wheel Opera House that’s worth checking out.



A little further up the hill is the outdoor Entertainment-Comedy Theatre (which is a great place to take a break and have some lunch!)

There are some extra rides and attractions at the Enchanted Forest that require tickets or a ride bracelet, including a section of rides for younger kids and a few thrill rides for the older kids and adults. These include the Big Timber Log Ride, Ice Mountain Bobsled Roller Coaster and the Challenge of Mondor (located in the Old European Village.)

And if you’re feeling especially brave… there’s the Haunted House.



The Old European Village is the last section of the park to explore.

Here the townsfolk are friendly and the blackbirds sing about being baked in pies. There are many toys and inventions waiting to be discovered in Pinocchio’s Playroom and the mesmerizing water-light show at the Jolly Roger cannot be missed!



There are plenty of gift shops, places to eat and spots to rest along the way. Remember to wear comfortable shoes and pack in a few extras (a camera, sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, etc.)

…and grab some ice cream on your way out!

We love the Enchanted Forest!!




8462 Enchanted Way SE, Turner, OR 97392


Adults: $11.75

Seniors (62+): $10.50

Children (3-12): $10.50

Children 2 and under: FREE

-Ride tickets/bracelet sold separately

-Enchanted Forest is open seasonally. For more information regarding schedule and prices please check the enchanted forest website:

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