Parks & Playgrounds: Fircrest Park

By Emy Sloan


Fircrest Park in South Salem is a great place to bring your kids to enjoy a little peace and quiet (and shade!) while letting them burn off some of that wild energy.  Tucked away in an oasis of old growth fir trees and accessible only by foot, this small neighborhood park really is a hidden treasure.



Consisting of a little less than 5 acres and used primarily by local residents, it’s never usually very busy here.

The sweet little playground features metal play equipment that is old but sturdy. There is a merry-go-round, a couple of metal slide climbing structures and a few other things to hang from and spin around on. There’s also a swing set which includes baby swings.



There are three openings that lead into Fircrest and a walking path that circles around the perimeter of the park. There is no formal parking lot. If you’re planning on driving here, you’ll need to park along the surrounding streets.

*BEWARE: poison oak has been spotted recently along the path!

There is a basketball court and small ball field with a backstop. A few benches and picnic tables are scattered around, making this park an ideal spot to enjoy a little lunch or have a small get together. There is a drinking fountain but no bathrooms on site.

The tall fir trees provide excellent shade as well as a stunning atmosphere- it really is a nice place to be on a hot summer day!



955 Luradel Ave S, Salem, OR 97302


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