School Playgrounds: Wright Elementary

By Emy Sloan

Wright Elementary has a pretty awesome playground. My kids always have a really fun time here.

Located off of Lone Oak Rd in SE Salem, this school has a great variety of play equipment, two covered areas (complete with basketball hoops) and a well maintained track. There’s a lot to discover here- enough to keep almost any child busy for quite a long time!

What I really like about it is that everything is in one large space. It’s easy to keep track of your kids if you have more than one!



There are two large climbing play structures with bridges, ladders, slides and lots to swing, roll and balance on. There’s a great jungle gym, monkey and balance bars, a rock wall and plenty of stuff to climb up, hang from and play around on!

The favorite for both of my kids (hands down) is the tall red swirly slide! Honestly I think that’s all they would need to keep them happy- they could play on that thing all day!

The play areas are cushioned with soft rubber and wood chips. There are a few benches and picnic tables set up to rest on. The playground is all in complete sun. Some of the benches and tables are under trees, and of course there are the covered areas,  but if it’s REALLY hot out you might consider playing somewhere a with a little more shade!



All in all, this is a great school playground. Of course it’s only available to Wright Elementary students during school hours- but it’s definitely worth trying out on the weekends or after school!


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