Healthy Treats: Strawberry Beet Banana Smoothies & Frozen Pops!

By Emy Sloan


My kids are all about smoothies and frozen pops. Icy cold treats are their favorite! I love that when I make smoothies at home I have the power to sneak in tons of extra vitamins and nutrients (raw veggies, organic yogurts, peanut butter, seeds, grains, etc.) The possibilities are endless! 

This time around we tried strawberry, beet and banana (with some milk, yogurt, ice and a scoop of this awesome super-seed mix I found at Costco with flax, chia, hempseed and coconut!)

I always use bananas. They’re a great natural sweetener. When you use bananas you’ll hardly ever need to add sugar or honey. Strawberries are full of antioxidants (like vitamin C) and are just plain delicious of course. Then there’s the beet. Don’t be scared of beets, they can actually taste pretty good and they are SO nutritious. They’re jam packed with vitamins, essential minerals and fiber. Plus they add such an appealing deep purple color!

First I peeled and chopped the beet. Then I added it to the blender with a splash of milk and blended until it was smooth. (Or semi-smooth, there’s always going to be a bit of fiber.) Then the rest of the ingredients were added and voila!

It was a huge hit- my kids couldn’t drink their smoothies fast enough! They LOVED this combination!



(With the leftovers we made frozen pops. They enjoyed them the next day after some good backyard playtime!)



Strawberry Beet Banana Smoothies/Frozen Pops:


One medium beet (peel and slice it)

About a cup of frozen/fresh strawberries

2 ripe/over ripe bananas

Splash of milk (more as needed to thin)

Cup of yogurt

2 ripe/over ripe bananas

Tray of ice

*optional- a few spoonfuls of super seeds/grains/wheat germ etc. 

Peel and slice the beet, toss it in the blender and add a splash of milk- blend until smooth!

(If you have a juicer consider juicing a bunch of beets beforehand and freezing in an ice cube tray. Keep the juice cubes in a ziplock bag and use them whenever!)

Add remaining ingredients and blend.

Enjoy immediately or make frozen pops!



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