Day Trip: Bauman’s Farm and Garden- Gervais

By Emy Sloan


Bauman’s Farm and Garden in Gervais, Oregon has got a great playground and farm store. It’s a wonderful place to buy fresh produce and bakery goods, nursery items and more. (One of the best times to visit Bauman’s is during their Fall Harvest Festival! There are SO many great activities- mazes, hay rides, obstacle courses, giant slides and swings, kid zones, etc…and of course there’s the pumpkin patch!)

We decided to beat the crowds this year and visited the farm a few days before the festival began. It was nice to have the place virtually to ourselves! The playground is open and free to use during normal business hours. So is the animal barn, frontier fort and a few of the farm slides and tunnels.



The playground here is awesome. There are swings, slides, teeter-totters, a climbing structure and a playhouse. There’s a giant tube to crawl in that rolls along tracks, a path to ride tricycles and an old tractor to climb on. There are also lots of tires to climb through, up and around- including a tire pyramid!

There’s a petting zoo next to the playground where kids can interact with pygmy goats, chickens, geese and other animals. Behind the petting zoo is the frontier fort and various farm slides and tunnels to discover. The kids had a blast!

There are feed machines, hand sanitizer stations and a sink to wash hands. Port-a-potty style bathrooms are located on site.



The kids spent a good hour or more playing before we headed over to the farm store to grab some delicious fresh apple cider and apple cider donuts!



We love Bauman’s Farm and Garden!



12989 Howell Prairie Rd, Gervais, OR 97026


-This year the Harvest Festival will be running from September 24th– October 31st.  Activities include the animal barn, apple canon, apple tasting, barnyard bridge, the bug train, corn maze, corn tunnels, dark maze, gem mining, giant slide, gopher hole, hay ride, jumping pad, jumping pillow, kids’ zone, little tykes zone, nut house, obstacle carts, pedal carts, playground, lazer adventure, rope maze, apple sling shot, sock hop, swing line and tire pyramid.

This festival cannot be missed! Check Bauman’s website for hours and pricing:


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