Halloween Craft: Spooky Haunted House Silhouettes

By Emy Sloan


This cold, dark, blustery weekend really set the mood for Halloween in our house. We bundled up, watched spooky shows and decorated the house. Of course we needed some spooky new art to add to the decor! My kids have been really into haunted houses lately (a big part of that thanks to Charlotte Diamond’s ‘Looking For Dracula’ song!) It only seemed right to come up with a craft centered around their new found interest!

The results were boo-tiful haunted house sillouehettes made out of pieces of cut black paper on a shadowy sky background! The perfect craft for a stormy October afternoon.


Here’s what we used-


Spooky Haunted House Sillhouettes



Light blue paper/cardstock

Black paper/cardstock

Non-Toxic Tempura Paint




Paper Plate (to use as a palette) 


First the kids painted their dark and stormy backgrounds. (I made sure that I had a lot of extra paper on hand- it doesn’t take long to fill up a page!)

Paper plates were used as ‘palettes’ to make for a quick and easy clean up.



When the kids were done with their many masterpieces they took a little break. Had a bath, ate a little lunch, played with some toys, etc. During that time I cut out some haunted house pieces! There was a base piece (with a little door) and a roof piece for each house. After that I just cut out a few rectangles and triangles.

When my little artists were ready to go to work again I helped them put glue on the back of the cut pieces as they put together their haunted silhouettes! It was fun watching what they came up with. I thought it was interesting that they both wanted to put the door piece back into the open space on their houses! Why not?



They turned out great! Chillingly cute 🙂


Happy Halloween!!!


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