Salem Health’s New Therapy & Community Play Area: The Let’s All Play Place

By Emy Sloan


The ‘Let’s All Play Place’ is a wonderful new therapy and community playground located on the Salem Health campus next to the Salem Health Rehabilitation Center (on the corner of Mission and Church in Southeast Salem.) 

This play area is accessible by wheelchair and intended for people of all ages and abilities. The unique play equipment is designed to enhance physical, emotional, sensory, behavioral and social skills. It is used by patients of the rehabilitation center and is open and available to all!

We’ve been wanting to visit since the grand opening in September.

It was great to meet up with a few friends and finally get the chance to check it out!!


What an absolutely amazing place to play. The space is large and almost completely enclosed. A therapy loop walkway circles around the area. The surface is soft and squishy- making it extra safe in case of falls!

My kids were immediately drawn to the Geoball climber in the middle of the playground (a giant jungle gym fully equipped with rope ladders and hammock seats.) After that they were ALL about out the We-Saw (a giant four seater seesaw!)

There’s a great slide on top of a mound, accessible by the therapy loop walkway or by charging right up the hill! Without steps to climb, there’s less chance of accident or injury! There are plenty of things to spin around on, including a group spinner which is a much safer alternative to the traditional merry-go-round.

There are bars to hang from, boulders and balance pods, a sensory wall, sound tubes & a big xylophone to play. There’s also a great variety of swings- (traditional, bucket and swings with harnesses.)



In addition to all of that there is an awesome interactive water play area! Kids have the opportunity to work together here pumping the water and playing in the stream. It’s a great place to build cooperation and communication skills!



There’s a table to sit on and enjoy a snack as well as a semi-enclosed changing area.

Big family restrooms are available for use across the parking lot at the Salem Health Rehabilitation Center.

We had an amazing time here. The Let’s All Play Place is definitely a treasure to the community.



The corner of Mission and Church Streets, SE Salem. (Salem Health campus.)

More Information:’s-all-play-place

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