Christmas Craft: Fruit Loop Popcorn Chains

By Emy Sloan


We decided to give the classic popcorn chain a fruit loop twist this year! It was the perfect craft for my kids to do by the light of the Christmas tree, and It made for a delicious snack too! (The fruit loops were an extra special treat since my kids had never had them before.)

It was incredibly easy to set all of this up. Pretty self explanatory, really. I made a big pot of popcorn and set it out with the cereal. Then I straightened out a few ornament hooks and tied a string to each one (with a fruit loop tied carefully at the ends!)


Fruit Loop Popcorn Chains



Fruit Loops (or Cheerios, any type of O cereal)


Ornament hooks



The kids were super excited to see the bowl of popcorn and sugary cereal set before them! They had to taste test a little before starting their chains. It took a lot of supervision and hook holding at first until they got the hang of it. I found that the popcorn was a little advanced for my three year olds- it kept breaking into pieces so I helped a lot with that part.

The fruit loops were just their speed!



My daughter was so focused. She didn’t stop until her entire string was full! My son, on the other hand, didn’t have quite the attention span- he was good with about 10 pieces. He was MUCH more interested in snacking!

It worked out well! I threw a couple of mandarin oranges and some cheese into the mix, put on a Christmas movie, and we were all set!




A sweet and easy holiday activity ❤


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