Parks & Playgrounds: Sumpter Park

By Emy Sloan


Sumpter Park is a great place to take your kids to burn off some of that extra energy. It’s also the perfect spot to take the dog for a walk, throw the ball around or plan a family picnic! Set in a beautiful South Salem neighborhood, adjacent to Sumpter Elementary School, this 4.4 acre park has got it all- ball fields, walking paths, tennis and basketball courts and of course a great little playground!



The playground area is small but sweet, with lots of fun play equipment. There’s a larger structure for bigger kids which is actually pretty challenging! It includes a climbing wall, rope ladder, climbing net, plenty of bars to swing around on and a couple of steep slides!

The play structure for the smaller kids is fun too! There’s a ramp, shorter slides, interactive play walls and a loud musical bell to ring. There’s a booth with a table underneath, just perfect for playing ‘restaurant’ with bark chips! There’s also a teeter totter, a stand-alone slide and a swing set with baby swings.



There are plenty of picnic tables and benches to relax on as well water fountains, dog-bag stations and BBQ areas. The tennis court is large and well maintained with a smaller basketball court attached. There are plenty of tall trees that provide adequate shade. There are no bathrooms on site.



This is wonderful neighborhood park! It’s definitely worth visiting!



590 Wormwood St, 97306


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