Christmas Craft: Fruit Loop Popcorn Chains

By Emy Sloan


We decided to give the classic popcorn chain a fruit loop twist this year! It was the perfect craft for my kids to do by the light of the Christmas tree, and It made for a delicious snack too! (The fruit loops were an extra special treat since my kids had never had them before.) Continue reading “Christmas Craft: Fruit Loop Popcorn Chains”

Costume Craft: Rainbow Zebra Masks

By Emy Sloan


Zeeeeebras!! My kids LOVE zebras. I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about them. They’re always a hot topic in our house. Especially with my son. I’ve been asking him what he wants to be for Halloween this year and he keeps saying “A zebra!!” Continue reading “Costume Craft: Rainbow Zebra Masks”

Tissue Craft: Bright & Shiny Tinfoil Hearts

By Emy Sloan


My kids just recently had a birthday. They had such a wonderful time at their party with all of their friends- I’m so thankful for all of the amazing people in our lives! As well as having an awesome time they ended up with some fun new toys…and I ended up with TONS of leftover gift bags and tissue paper! Continue reading “Tissue Craft: Bright & Shiny Tinfoil Hearts”

Watercolor Craft: Hidden Picture Paintings

My kids have been fighting a little bug the past couple of days. When they aren’t feeling good they are so crabby, so sensitive to every little thing. Yesterday we spent a nice relaxing day at home with some paints and hidden surprises. A simple, calm activity. We all needed the down time. Continue reading “Watercolor Craft: Hidden Picture Paintings”