Parks & Playgrounds: Fircrest Park

By Emy Sloan


Fircrest Park in South Salem is a great place to bring your kids to enjoy a little peace and quiet (and shade!) while letting them burn off some of that wild energy. ¬†Tucked away in an oasis of old growth fir trees and accessible only by foot, this small neighborhood park really is a hidden treasure. Continue reading “Parks & Playgrounds: Fircrest Park”

Parks & Playgrounds: Salem’s Riverfront Park Playground

By Emy Sloan


There is always so much going on at Salem’s Riverfront Park. It’s right on the Willamette River and is host to many of our city’s best festivals, music concerts and community events! Continue reading “Parks & Playgrounds: Salem’s Riverfront Park Playground”

Parks & Playgrounds: Fairmount Park – Salem

By Emy Sloan


Fairmount Park in South Salem is the perfect place to let your kids run and play in a peaceful and enjoyable environment. Located at the end of Rural St, in one of Salem’s most beautiful and classic neighborhoods, it is very quiet and secluded here. Continue reading “Parks & Playgrounds: Fairmount Park – Salem”

Day Trip: Sandcastle Playground at Regatta Park- Lincoln City

If you and your family happen to be in Lincoln City and want to break up the monotony of beautiful sandy ocean shore exploration, check out the amazing playground at Regatta Park! Continue reading “Day Trip: Sandcastle Playground at Regatta Park- Lincoln City”

School Playgrounds: Schirle Elementary

I love the playground at Schirle Elementary School. I have a special attachment to it because I went to Schirle. It seems like a hundred years ago, but I did! My name’s on a little ceramic leaf on the big ceramic tree on the entryway floor. I have so many great memories from this place. Continue reading “School Playgrounds: Schirle Elementary”