Valentine’s Special: Family-Friendly Fun in (and around) Salem, Oregon!

 By Emy Sloan


Looking for a special way to spend quality time with your little lovebug(s) this Valentine’s Day?

Cherry City Busy Kids has got you covered!

Check out these great family-friendly events happening in and around Salem, Oregon- February 11th through the 14th!  Continue reading “Valentine’s Special: Family-Friendly Fun in (and around) Salem, Oregon!”

Holidays at the Capitol: The 35th Annual Grand Tree Lighting Ceremony

By Emy Sloan


The Oregon State Capitol is a magical place to visit during the holidays! There are many sparkling lights, trees and other various Christmas decorations on display throughout the building. The centerpiece is the giant ‘Grand Tree’ that stands high in the Capitol Rotunda. Continue reading “Holidays at the Capitol: The 35th Annual Grand Tree Lighting Ceremony”

Healthy Treats: Strawberry Beet Banana Smoothies & Frozen Pops!

By Emy Sloan


My kids are all about smoothies and frozen pops. Icy cold treats are their favorite! I love that when I make smoothies at home I have the power to sneak in tons of extra vitamins and nutrients (raw veggies, organic yogurts, peanut butter, seeds, grains, etc.) The possibilities are endless!  Continue reading “Healthy Treats: Strawberry Beet Banana Smoothies & Frozen Pops!”

Movies Under the Stars: The Dallas Motor VU Drive-In

By Emy Sloan


The Dallas Motor VU Drive-In is the perfect destination for family fun during these hot summer nights in the valley! It’s also a great place to go on the not-s0-hot summer nights! There’s nothing quite like watching a movie outdoors on the big screen from the comfort of your vehicle. Or even better- cuddled up under the stars!  Continue reading “Movies Under the Stars: The Dallas Motor VU Drive-In”

First Haircut: Little Angels Kid Salon

By Emy Sloan

At Little Angels Kid Salon it’s ALL about the kids. The colors are bright, the playroom is fantastic and best of all the custom stylist “chairs” are hot rods, ATVs and rocking horses! What could be more fun than that? Our personal experience there was amazing. I’m so glad we chose to try it out for our son’s first haircut! Continue reading “First Haircut: Little Angels Kid Salon”