Salem Health’s New Therapy & Community Play Area: The Let’s All Play Place

By Emy Sloan


The ‘Let’s All Play Place’ is a wonderful new therapy and community playground located on the Salem Health campus next to the Salem Health Rehabilitation Center (on the corner of Mission and Church in Southeast Salem.)  Continue reading “Salem Health’s New Therapy & Community Play Area: The Let’s All Play Place”

Music, Motion, Horses, Magic: Salem’s Riverfront Carousel

By Emy Sloan


Salem’s Riverfront Carousel is fun for all ages! We love it here. The rides are inexpensive and it’s just a beautiful place to be. No matter how many times we’ve been, we’re always so captivated by the beauty and magic of it all. Continue reading “Music, Motion, Horses, Magic: Salem’s Riverfront Carousel”

Costume Craft: Rainbow Zebra Masks

By Emy Sloan


Zeeeeebras!! My kids LOVE zebras. I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about them. They’re always a hot topic in our house. Especially with my son. I’ve been asking him what he wants to be for Halloween this year and he keeps saying “A zebra!!” Continue reading “Costume Craft: Rainbow Zebra Masks”

Day Trip: Northern Lights Tree Farm- Colonial Harvest Days in Pleasant Hill

By Emy Sloan


Northern Lights Tree Farm in Pleasant Hill, Oregon is well known for their Christmas trees…but that’s not all they have to offer! During the harvest season in October there is a great pumpkin patch, a giant corn maze and tons of family fun to be had during the Colonial Harvest Days Celebration! Continue reading “Day Trip: Northern Lights Tree Farm- Colonial Harvest Days in Pleasant Hill”

Pumpkin Patch Fun: Vince Woods Farm

By Emy Sloan


Honestly, what’s not to love about the fall? It’s such a comfy, cozy, spooky season. The air is cool and crisp, the autumn leaves are gorgeous, the apples are crunchy and the drinks are hot…ahhh. But one of the best things about the fall is that the pumpkin patches are in full swing!  Continue reading “Pumpkin Patch Fun: Vince Woods Farm”

Parks & Playgrounds: Weathers Street Park

By Emy Sloan


Weathers Street Park is conveniently located right off of Lancaster Drive in North Salem. The play equipment is in good condition and the park itself is very well taken care of.

There’s a fun playground with a sheltered picnic area close by, a nicely maintained basketball court and a large open grassy play area. There are even skateboarding rails along the paths!

Continue reading “Parks & Playgrounds: Weathers Street Park”