Day Trip: Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum- McMinnville

By Emy Sloan


The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is a must see for aircraft and space enthusiasts of all ages!

Located in McMinnville, Oregon, this exceptional museum consists of two large buildings chock-full of airplanes and spacecraft, an IMAX theater, an impressive outdoor playground and most importantly is home to the famous Spruce Goose- the world’s largest aircraft!

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Parks & Playgrounds: Coolidge-McClaine Park in Silverton

By Emy Sloan


If you happen to be in the area, Coolidge-McClaine Park in Silverton, Oregon is a wonderful place to stop and spend some time. Located conveniently close to historic downtown Silverton, this park is set in a peaceful wooded area alongside beautiful Silver Creek. Continue reading “Parks & Playgrounds: Coolidge-McClaine Park in Silverton”

Salem Health’s New Therapy & Community Play Area: The Let’s All Play Place

By Emy Sloan


The ‘Let’s All Play Place’ is a wonderful new therapy and community playground located on the Salem Health campus next to the Salem Health Rehabilitation Center (on the corner of Mission and Church in Southeast Salem.)  Continue reading “Salem Health’s New Therapy & Community Play Area: The Let’s All Play Place”

Parks & Playgrounds: Weathers Street Park

By Emy Sloan


Weathers Street Park is conveniently located right off of Lancaster Drive in North Salem. The play equipment is in good condition and the park itself is very well taken care of.

There’s a fun playground with a sheltered picnic area close by, a nicely maintained basketball court and a large open grassy play area. There are even skateboarding rails along the paths!

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Day Trip: Bauman’s Farm and Garden- Gervais

By Emy Sloan


Bauman’s Farm and Garden in Gervais, Oregon has got a great playground and farm store. It’s a wonderful place to buy fresh produce and bakery goods, nursery items and more. Continue reading “Day Trip: Bauman’s Farm and Garden- Gervais”

Parks & Playgrounds: Englewood City Park


By Emy Sloan


Englewood City Park is set back in a peaceful wooded area in Northeast Salem. There are plenty of beautiful conifer and deciduous trees and lots of space to run around in. There’s a fun playground area and best of all an awesome splash fountain!  Continue reading “Parks & Playgrounds: Englewood City Park”